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Button Shortcode

Various buttons example of the newElegantBiz that can be used as direct linking or lightbox. comes with various sizes mini size, small size, large size and extra large size. [columngroup][threecol_one] Mini Size [buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”#” size=”xs” style=”default”]Button Example[/buttonibt] [buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”#” size=”xs” style=”primary”]Button Example[/buttonibt] [buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”#” size=”xs” style=”info”]Button Example[/buttonibt] [buttonibt title=”Button…

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There are so much you can do with the images on your site. as an example you can use carousel photos shortcode where you can display entire photo from your site or from specific post where you store images such as gallery post,[carouselphotos number_column=”4″ title=”Carousel photo”] [hr]   For displaying galleries you can use the…

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Icon shortcode

With more then 400 font icons that can be used for single icon or as list icons. you can enrich your content and say good bye to that old and dull text content [columngroup][twocol_one] Scale it [awp_icon name=”icon-home” scale=”1″ type=”normal” align=”none”] [awp_icon name=”icon-home” scale=”2″ type=”normal” align=”none”] [awp_icon name=”icon-home” scale=”3″ type=”normal” align=”none”] [awp_icon name=”icon-home” scale=”4″ type=”normal”…

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